Boris Krivokapic



Prof. dr Boris Krivokapić was born in Belgrade on 16. 11. 1958.

He is one of leading experts in the field of Public International Law.
Prof. Krivokapić graduated from the Faculty of Law at Belgrade University (1979), where he also earned his M.B.A. (1985) and LL.D. (1988).
He is Full Professor with the Busines and Law Faculty of the „MB“ University (Belgrade), and 
Law Faculty of the Samara National University „S.P. Korolev“ (Samara). He also teaches at the Faculty of Security Studies of the national Belgrade University.
He is the author of 48 scholarly books and nearly 250 scientific articles, published in 23 countries of Europe, 
North America and Asia.




Basic data


Professor Krivokapic has been studying, practicing and teaching Martial Arts since 1974.

In 1974-1983 he practiced Judo (5,5 years), Ju Jitsu (3 years) and Karate (4 years). In 1983. he turned to WTF Taekwondo (he is one of founders of Taekwondo in Serbia). Since 1993 he has been practicing Hapkido, and since 1994. Hapkikwan. Since 2002 he fully dedicated himself to the  Hapkikwan / Hapkido.



Prof. Krivokapić is Grandmaster

- 10th Dan Hapkikwan - ceritied: World Martial Arts Union (Korea), International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation (Canada-Korea), World Moosul Kwan Federation (USA), World Black Belt Brotherhood Elite (USA), American Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido Association (USA), United Sokeship Alliance (USA) etc.

- 9th Dan -  certified: International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation (Canada-Korea), World Moosul Kwan Federation (USA), European Hapkido Union etc. 


Of special importance is his 8th Dan Hapkido, certified by KOREA HAPKIDO FEDERATION (South Korea). which is the oldest, far biggest and the most prestigious Hapkido organization in the world.


He also has Master black belt ranks in Hapkido from Korea Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido Association (South Korea) and Hanminjok Hapkido Association (Korea) / World Kido Federation (USA, South Korea).

Besides he has Grandmaster and Master levels in several other Martial Arts (Jujitsu, Taekwondo etc.).

In the First Taekwondo Championship of Serbia (1987) he took second place and silver medal in – 83 kg division (kyorugi). He was also 5 times champion of Yugoslavia and 5 times champion of Serbia in Taekwondo in forms (poomse).

With Dr.  Un Jong Kim
President of World Taekwondo Federation and
Vice-President of International Olimpic Committee
Seoul, Southa Koreja 1994
With Ambassador Soh,
President of World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU)
Chungju, Korea 2011


In various terms of office prof. Krivokapic hold the highest positions in the national (Yugoslav/Serbian) taekwondo federation - he was President of the Federation, Secretary General, President of Black Belts Board etc.He was also member of Executive Committee of Balkan Taekwondo Union (BTU).
In 1996-2003 he was coach and trainer of national teams of Yugoslavia and Serbia in forms.
Among other matters, in 1989. he graduated at the national Institute of Physical Education (Novi Sad) and got diploma of Taekwondo trainer.
Prof. Krivokapic was Taekwondo instructor since 1987.
After founding and coaching few clubs before, in 1994. he founded Taekwondo Club “Red Star” (Belgrade) and was its head coach until 2002. During that period he won with his team 6 titles of Team Champion of Yugoslavia and 5  titles of Team Champion of Serbia. His students won over 300 medals from official championships, including 2 titles of the Champions of the Balkans, 59 individual titles of Champion of Yugoslavia, 40 individual titles of Champion of Serbia. 
Prof. Krivokapic participated in many international and national martial arts seminars. He also conducted some two dozens martial arts seminars in Serbia and neighboring countries.
Among other matters, in 1994. prof. Krivokapic got Korea Foundation Fellowship and spent 2 months in Seoul (Korea) where he every day practiced Moo Lim Won Hapkido as personal student on of GM Choi Sang Heum, Founder of Moo Lim Won Hapkido and President of Moo Lim Won Hapkido Federation.
He was for many years president of the International Combat Union.
With GM Choi Sang Heum
President of Moo Lim Won Hapkido Federation
Seoul, South Korea 1994.
With Dojunim Ji Han Jae
Founder of Hapkido
Zagreb (Croatia) 2010.






With GM Ronald C. Garland i GM Kim Beo Chul
With GM Kim Beo Chul





Boris Krivokapić is currently (2022):
- President of Hapkikwan International
- President of Serbian Hapkido Union
- Representative of Korea Hapkido Federation in Serbia - President of the KHF Serbia
- Vice-President of European Hapkido Union 


Hall of Fame Membership

- - Distunguished Founder, Europeah Hapkido Hall of Fame, European Hapkido Union, May 5, 2022. (Croatia)

- Golden Martial Arts Legend Award 2010, International Martial Arts Hall of Fame – International Martial Arts Times Magazine (Pakistan) & Martial Arts Association - International (Germany)
- European Grandmaster of the Year 2010, Martial Arts Health & Fitness Association Hall of Fame (Germany)
- Korean Martial Arts Teacher of 2010, 2010, Fighting Arts Brotherhood Hall of Fame (USA).


Other Awards:


- 2023 Certificate of Appreciation, Korea Hapkido Federation  - SOUTH KOREA
- 2023 Reward of Merit, Korea Hapkido Federation - SOUTH KOREA
- 2021, Matrial Arts Dedication Award, Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations - AZERBAIJAN
- 2021 Certificate of Appreciation, Global Association of Martial Arts Organizations - AZERBAIJAN
- 2019 Plaque of the  World Hapkido - USA
- 2018 Plaque with Kukri Swords of the Nepal Hapkido Federationt  - NEPAL
- 2013 Excellence Certificate  A.J.M.K.F. - USA

- 2012 Cross of Honor,  Martial Arts International - GERMANY
- 2012 Medal, Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation - SOUTH KOREA
- 2012 Honorary Ambassador of the World Rowing Championships, Organizing Committe 2013 World Wowing Championships, Chungju - SOUTH KOREA
- 2010 Golden medal and ceremony robe, O'zbek Jang San'ati, - UZBEKISTAN
- 2010 Golden medal,, World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation - USA
- 2010 Certificate of Exellence,, American Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido Association - USA
- 2010 Hall of Fame Medal of Honor,, International Martial Arts Times Magazine - PAKISTAN
- 2010 Martial Art World Book Medal,  International Martial Arts Times Magazine - PAKISTAN
- 2010 Honor Award,, World International Combat Martial Arts Society & Asian Grandmaster Association - INDIA
- 2009 Gold Award,, Martial Arts Federation of Italy & World Juboxing Federation - ITALY
- 2009 Bushido Spirit Award, World Association of Ultimate Martial Arts - AZERBAIJAN
- 2009 Award for Developing Martial Arts, Job Defense System - COSTA RICA
- 2008 Certificate of Honour, International Budo Association - FRANCE





B. Krivokapić, with the Gold Trophy of the European Hapkido Hall of Fame, April 30, 2022.
Grandmaster Boris Krivokapić is representative for Serbia off:
-  World Martial Arts Union (Korea)
-  International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation (Canada – Korea)
-  Hapkido United (USA)
-  World Union Hapkido (USA)
-  World Hapkido Alliance (USA)
-  World Musul Kwan Federation (USA)
-  American Jae Mu Kwan Association (USA)
-  European Hapkido Union, etc..




Photos in action

1975, Sofija, Bugarska,
Džudo gušenje
1975, Sofija, Bugarska
Džudo bacanje
1979, Beograd,
Džu Džicu bacanje
1981, Beograd
1985, Beograd,
Bočni udarac nogom u skoku
1987, Beograd,
Prvo prvenstvo Srbije u Tekvondou
B.Krivokapic u akciji, levo
1987, Beograd,
Prvo prvenstvo Srbije u Tekvondou
Levo, u akciji B.Krivokapić
1989, Ćuprija,
Kružni udarac nogom u skoku
1989, Ćuprija 1989.
Udarac nogom nazad iz okreta
1990, Kairo, Egipat,
Bočni udarac nogom
1994, Seul, Južna Koreja
Udarac nogom nazad iz okreta u skoku
1995, Beograd
Preotimanje štapa od protivnika uz bacanje
1995, Beograd,
Bacanje preko boka
1995, Beograd,
Poluga na laktu
1995 Serengeti park, Tanzanija
1996, Beograd
Lomljenje daske udarcem noge nazad
u skoku iz okreta
1996, Beograd
Udarac nogom nazad iz okreta
1996, Beograd
Dvostruki darac nogama u skoku
1997, Beograd
Razbijanje dve daske šakom
2000, Beograd
Kružni udarac nogom
2001, Beograd
2001, Beograd udarac dlanom
2001, Beograd
2001, Beograd,
Poluga na laktu
2005, Beograd,
Provera dasaka pre tri vezana razbijanja - šakom, bridom i laktom)
2007, Beograd
Požrtvovno bacanje
2007, Beograd,
Borba protiv dva napadača
2007, Beograd,
Gušenje uz istovremenu
polugu na laktu
2007, Beograd
2007, Beograd
2007, Beograd
2007, Beograd 2007, Beograd
2009, Kladovo,
hapkikwan seminar
Bacanje noževa u metu
2010, Zagreb 2010, Zagreb
2010, Beograd
2010, Beograd 2010, Beograd

Streljana, Colt 45

2011, Beograd,

2011. Beograd 2011. Beograd
2011. Beograd 2011. Beograd 2011. Beograd
2011. Beograd 2011. Beograd 2011. Beograd

Vežbanje Tekjona
Južna Koreja 2012

Gađanje iz luka
Južna Koreja 2012

2013. Beograd

2013. Beograd 2013. Beograd 2013. Beograd
2013. Beograd 2013. Beograd 2013. Beograd
2018 Zagreb 2018 Zagreb 2018 Zagreb
2018 Zagreb 2018 Zagreb 2018 Zagreb
2018 Zagreb 2018 Zagreb 2018 Zagreb
2018 Belgrade 2018 Belgrade Teaching at European Hapkido Union Hapkido seminar, Ivanic Grad, Croatia 2019
Belgrade 2020 Belgrade 2022 Belgrade 2022
Belgrade 2022    


Photos with VIPs

Click on the picture to enlarge it.


With GM (Kang Doo Sik,
8th Dan Hapkidoa, 8th Dan Tekvondoa)
Beograd 1993.
With (Dr. Un Yong Kim,
pWTF President and IOC Vice_President
Seoul, Korea 1994.
With GM  Choi Sang Heum, 8th Dan Hapkidoa),
Moo Lim Won Hapkido Federation
Founder and President
Seoul, Korea, 1994.
With Korean TKD Mastersa
Kukkiwon, Seoul, Korea 1994.
With GM  Park Soo Nam, 8th Dan Tekvondoa
Beograd, 1998.
With GM  Lee, 8th Dan Teekwondo
Head of Korean Tigers TKD Demo Team
Beograd 1998.
Sa Mirkom Ostojićem (8.dan Ninđucua),
Piterom Kingom (15. dan Ninđucua) i
Goranom Šturanovićem (6. dan Aikidoa)
Beograd 2005.
Sa predsednikom Korejske bogigard asociacije velemajstorom Lijem (Le Keon Chan)
i profesorom Na,
Seul, Južna Koreja 2009.
Sa monahom iz Šaolina i predsednikom WoMAU ambasadorom Sohom (Byung Yong Soh),
Čungđu, Južna Koreja Dec. 2009.

Sa velemajstorom Olegom Onopčenkom (Kolo, Letonija)
Čungđu, Koreja, 2009.
Sa predstavncima Ukrajine, Uzbekistana, Letonije, Rusije i Moldove na sastanku
Akademije za borilačke veštine,
Čungđu, Koreja, 2009.
Sa velemajstorom Fahredinom Umarovim (O'zbek Jang Sanati, Uzbekistan)
prvakom sveta u ITF tekvonou,
Čungđu, Koreja 2009.
Sa monahom iz manastira Šaolin (Kung Fu, Kina),
Seul 2009, Koreja, 2009.
Sa Velemajstorom Đi Han Đeom (Ji Han Jae), osnivačem Hapkidoa,
Zagreb 17.4.2010.
Sleva na desno: Boris Krivokapić,
majstor M. Kužnik (Hrvatska, 6.dan Hapkidoa),
velemajstor Đe (Ji Han Jae, 10. dan, Osnivač Hapkidoa) i
majstor Perry Zmugg (Austria, 6. dan Hapkidoa),
Zagreb, Hrvatska 17.4.2010.

Sa velemajstorom K. Mekenzijem (Kenneth Mackenzie, USA,
9.Dan Sin Moo Hapkido)
Zagreb 2010.
Sa velemajstorom Ljubomirom Vracarevicem, 10. Dan, 
Osnivacem Realnog aikidoa,
Beograd 2010

Sa velemajstorom Kvi Đin Kimom (Kwi-Jin Kim),  predsednikom
Saveza korejskih borilackih vestina
(Korea Kyuktooki Association)
Čungđu, Koreja 2010.

Sa zamenikom generalnog sekretara Svetske unije borilackih vestina, g. Chunom, Koreja, oktobar. 2.2010. Sa velemajstorom Fahredin Umarovim (O'zbek Jang San'ati, Uzbekistan), Koreja 2010 Sa velemajstorom Olegom Onopčenkom (Kolo, Letonija), Čungđu, Koreja 2010

Sa velemajstorom
Richardsonom C. Gialogom
(Kali, Arnis, Filipini)
Koreja 2010

Sa velemajstorom
Vladimirasom Lisicynasom
(Savigina, Litvanija)
Čungđu, Koreja 2010

Sa velemajstorima  A. Moldovanom (Trynta, Moldavija), A. Jereminim (Sambo, Rusija) i V. Korotkimom (Korosu, Belorusija),
Koreja 2010

Sa velemajstorima Lancelot Sumnerom (Tal Kin Jeri, Australija) i Olegom Onopchenko (Kolo, Letonija), Koreja 2010
Sa holivudskom zvezdozm,
prvakom sveta u karateu 1993, 94, 95, majstorom Tonijem Debraskom (SAD)
( Toni Debrasco Olivera)
Glumi u filmovima s Dolf  Lundgrenom,
Čungđu, Koreja 2010
Sa  A. Jereminim (Sambo, Rusija)
Čungđu, Koreja 2010

Sa ambasadorom
Byung Yong Sohom, predsednikom Svetske unije borilačkih veština,
Koreja 2011

Sa  velemajstorima
O. Onopčenkom (Letonija),
A. Moldovanom (Moldaviija) i
A.A. Hasanom (Sudan)
Koreja 2011.

Sa velemajstorom
Parkom Nam Jopom, Koreja
(Park Man Yeop)
predstavnikom Tekjona
(Taekyon - tradicionalna korejska  borilačka veština iz koje je nastao tekvondo) Koreja 2011

Sa velemajstorom
Takaaki Sekigushi
(Jaido & Kendo, Japan)
jednim od najpoznatijih
japanskih mačevalaca

Koreja 2011.


Sa velemajstorom
Richardson Cruz Gialogo
(Kali, Arnis, Filipini)
Koreja 2011.

Sa Amnart Saichalardom
(Muathai (Tajland)
jednim od najpoznatijih trenera
tajlandskog boksa

Koreja 2011

Sa Dieison Fernando Custódiom
(Kapoeira, Brazil )
prvakom sveta u borbenoj Kapoeri,
Koreja 2011.

Sa Sergheiem Busuiocom (Moldavija)predsednikom Trinta saveza (moldavsko rvanje)
Koreja 2011.

Sa O. Onopčenkom (Kolo, Latvia)  i
M. Kokorinom (potpredsednik Sambo saveza Rusije)
Koreja 2011

Sa velemajstorom Jurijem Kostrovim,
10. dan, osnivačem KUF,
Beograd 2012.
Grupa velemajstora i majstora iz
Kanade, Srbije, Rusije, Latvije, Filipina, Uzbekistana i Kazahstava,
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2012.
Sa Majstorom Julijom (Litvanija)
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2012.
Sa velemajstorom Kenedijem, borilačka veština Nabuka (Kenija),
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2012.
Sa majstorom Hapkidoa Whan-Bog Bang, Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2012.
Sa mastorom Tekjona Yunh Kyung Hwa
(Tekjon je tradicionalna korejska veština iz koje je nastao Tekvondo)
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2012.
Sa Profesorom Minom sa Berklija (SAD) (Prof. Ken, Kyung-Ho Min, UC Berkelay), velemajstorom 9. Dan Yongmudo Hapkido, Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2012.
Sa predsednikom Hapkido saveza Nepala, Zagreb 2018 Sa GM Dragom Baresicom 8 dan hapkidoa i GM Mladenom Kuznikom 8 dan hapkidoa, Zagreb 2018
Sa GM Mladenom Kuznikom predsednikom EHU i hapkodo ekipom iz Nepala, Zagreb 2018 With. GM Jason Mix, USA, 8 Dan Hapkido, 2019 Lecturers at Europan Hapkido Union Seminar 2019
With Master Voelker Goessling Germany 6 Dan Hapkido, 2019 With GM Gerhard Agrinz, Austria, 10th Dan Hapkido, 2019 With GM Masan Ghorbany (Ireland), 10th Dan Hapkido, 2022
With GM Perry Zmugg (Austria), 9th Dan Hapkido, 2022 With GM Gerhard E. Hermanski (Germany), 8th Dan Hapkido, 2022 With GM Sukru Kinatas (Turkey), 10th Dan Hapkido, 2022,
Lecturers at the European Hapkido Union Seminar 2022. With GM Ronald Christopher Garland (USA) and Djordje Krivokapić, 3rd Dan With GM Ronald Christopher Garland (USA), Belgrade 2022.



With GM Kim Beom Chul (South Korea) 9th Dan

GM Ronald Christopher Garland (USA) 8th Dan 

Belgrade 2023

With GM Kim Beom Chul

Korea Hapkido Federation Vice-President




Other photos

U Kukkiwonu
(sedištu svetskog tekvondoa)
Seul, Koreja, 1994.
B. Krivokapić asistira GM Park Su Namu
Tekvondo seminar, Beograd 1998.
Kao vođa tima (reprezentacije Jugoslavije)
Prvenstvo Balkana, Atina, 2000.
B. Krivokapić sa svojim učenicima iz
Tekvondo kluba "Crvena zvezda"
Beograd 2004.
B.Krivokapić sa svojim takmičarima iz
Tekvondo kluba "Crvena zvezda"
Beograd 2004.
Hapkikwan ekipa 2004.
Na 8. Generalnoj konferenciji
Svetske unije borilačkih veština,
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2009.
Osma Generalna konferencija
Svetske unije borilačkih veština
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 7.12.2009.
Kao panelista
Svetskog seminara borilačkih veština,
Seul, Južna Koreja 2009.
Sa delom učesnika
Seminara borilačkih veština
Seul, Južna Koreja 2009.
U sedišti Tekjon saveza
Čungđu, Južna Koreja 2009.
Ispred hrama,
Južna Koreja 2009.

Deveta Generalna skupstina Svetske unije  borilackih vestina (WoMAU) Chungdju, Koreja, 30.9.2010.
Sa grupom velemajstora iz Uzbekistana,
Letonije i Filipina, Koreja, oktobar 2010
U Svetskom muzeju borilackih vestina, Chungdju, Koreja, 2010

U Svetskom muzeju borilackih vestina,
Chundgju, Koreja, 2010
Ispred hrama, Koreja, oktobar 2010.
Rucak, Chungju, Koreja, 2010


Ceremonija pijenja caja,
Chungdju, Koreja,  2010
Na 9. Generalnoj skupstini Svetske unije  borilackih vestina, Chungdju, Koreja 3.9.2010






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