International recognition


Hapkikvan is recognized as a new martial art  / new Hapkido scholl  by great number of international martial arts association with headquarters in over 50 countries on all continents.


GM Ronald Christopher Garland, on behalf of the Korean Hapkido Federation, presents GM Boris Krivokapić with
a KHF certificate stating that he is its official representative for Serbia, Belgrade, May 28, 2022.


Lecturers at the European Hapkido Union international seminar on May 1, 2022, in Djurđevac (Croatia), from left to right: Gerhard E. Hermanski (Nemačka), Perry Zmugg (Austria), Sukru Kinatas (Turskey), Mladen Kužnik (Croatia), Massan Ghorbani (Irland), Gerhard Agrinz (Austria), Nadine & Volker Goesling (Germany), Boris Krivokapić (Serbia), Jason Mix (USA).
GM Boris Krivokapic speaking at the General Meeting
of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU), Chungju, Korea, 7.12.2009.

Among other matters, as a martial art, originated in Serbia, Hapkikwan is officially recognized by the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU), which is the only international martial organization recognized by the United Nations, namely the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). WOMAU has consultative status withe the UNESCO and works closely with it, being responsible for fostering and monitoring of martial arts around the globe, as part of the cultural heritage of mankind.

GM Boris Krivokapić (sitting, second from the right) as representative of Hapkikwan (Serbia)
at the 9th General Meeting of the World Martial Arts Union, Chungju, South Korea, 30.9.2010.


The headquarters is in WOMAU are in Chungju (South Korea). Every year WoMAU organizes World Martial Arts Festival and other events, such as the International Seminar on Martial Arts, the Academy of Martial Arts (in collaboration with Chungju university), and others. Within the spacious park of the World Martial Arts in Chungju, under the auspices of WOMAU, there is a large museum of World Martial Arts.

Boris Krivokapic at 9th WoMAU General Meeting
Boris Krivokapic speaking at 9th WoMAU General Meeting, Korea 2010
GM Boris Krivokapic taking in a break with the delegate from Russia  A. Eremin, reprezentative of Russian Sambo, Korea 2010.
GM Boris Krivokapic speaking at the
9th General Meeting of the World Martial Arts Union, Korea 2010.

WoMAU gather most prominente martial arts from around the world, whyle each of them is represented by federation from the country in which such martial art originated. For instance martial arts recognized by the WoMAU and its members are: Taekkyon and other Korean martial arts (South Korea), Iaido (Japan), Kung fu and Taichichuan (China), Sambo (Russia), Savate (France), Mua Thai (Thailand), Bokatur (Cambodia) Pencak Silat (Indonesia), Kalari (India), Pankration (Greek), Capoeira (Brazil), Vietvodao (Vietnam), Mongolian wrestling (Mongolia) and so on.

10th General Meeting of the
World Martial Arts Union, Korea 2011.
The International Martial Arts Symposium, Korea 2011.
World Martial Arts Museum, Chungju, Korea 2011.
GM Boris Krivokapić in the World Martial Arts Museum, under Serbian national flag and the name of Hapkikwan as world recognized martial art and the member of the World Martial Arts Union, Korea 2011.





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