Boris Krivokapic in Korea 2012. - WoMAU General Meeting, UNESCO International Cinference etc.


Boris Krivokapić, represented Hapkikwan and Republic of Serbia at the General Meeting of the World Martial Arts Union, held on 11.9.2012. in Chungju (South Korea). Moreover, he participated in a seminar of Taekkyon (traditional Korean Martial Art), was appointed Honorary Ambassador of the World Wowing Championships (Korea 2013), was granted medal from the Taekwondo Diplomacy Foundation, etc. Of particular importance is that along with representatives of UNESCO, UC Barkeley (USA) and Yonsei University (Korea) he had a contribution at the International Conferences organized in Chungju under auspicies of UNESCO and dedicated to a problem of development oy youth through spor activites, martial arts in particular. His paper was highly etimated and published in a collection of papers from the Conference.


WOMAU General Meeting 2012.
UNESCO Conference


Practicing Taekkyon
Receiving accreditives of Honorary Ambassador


First Championship of Serbia in Combat Fitness


First Serbian Combat Fitness Boot Camp (Championship in Combat Fitness), was hosted in Belgrade on 6.11.2011. by the Aikibudo Siciety of Serbia. It was organized under patronage of the International Combat Union.

Out of 6 possible (3 in male and as many in female division) representatives of Hapkikwan won as much as 4 medals – 2 silver and 2 bronze.

In female division Milica Šoljaga took 2nd, and Nevena Stojković 3rd place, while among men Vuk Mirčetić took 2nd, and Perica Zarić 3rd place.

Before the very competitio there was interesting entering program i which Hapkikwan demonstration team made short (30 minutes) but very succesful presentation of Hapkikwan.


Hapkikwan Demonstration Team
Medalists from Hapkikwan team.





10th General Meeting of World Martial Arts Union


Prof. Boris Krivokapic, Founder of Hapkikwan and the President of Hapkikwan International represented our Martial Arts and the federation at 10th General Meeting of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU) in Chungju, South Korea, from August 27, to September 6 2011.

General Conference was attended by representatives of leading world Martial Arts from over 40 countries of the world. At the same time there was held a very succesful 9th World Martial Arts Festival.

Although we hoped our demonstration team to participate at the Festival this year, due to financial reasons this participat had to be postponed for the 2012, when there will be anniversary -10th World Martial Arts Festival.


10th General Meeting of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU), Korea 2011.


Detail from the opening ceremony of the
World Martial Arts Festival,
Chungju, Korea 2011
The Festival:
Mongolian wrestlers
The Festival:
Iaido & Kendo team from Japan



First Belgrade Open in Combat Fitness


(Combat Fitness Boot Camp), Beograd 19.3.2011.

On the First Belgrade Open Championship in Combat Fitness (First Belgrade Combat Fitness Camp) organized in Belgrade on 19.3.2011, by the Aikibudo Society of Serbia, out uf total 6 possible (3 in male and 3 in female division) representatives of Hapkikwan team took even 3 first places.

The succes is even the bigger having into accout that member of our team did not prepare speciallc for the event, and that at the competition there were representatives from varous martial arsta (Aiki Budo, Aikido, Wing Chun etc.) from different parts of Serbia.

In female division Nevena Stojković took 1st and Irena Jovanovic 2nd place and in male division Vuk Mirčetić took 3rd place.


9th General meeting of the World Martial Arts Union, Chungju, Korea, 9.September 2010


Boris Krivokapic at 9th WoMAU General Meeting
Boris Krivokapic speaking at 9th WoMAU General Meeting, Korea 2010
Boris Krivokapic at 9th WoMAU General Meeting
Boris Krivokapic speaking at 9th WoMAU General Meeting, Korea 2010

GM Boris Krivokapic participated as Hapkikwan (Serbia) representative at 9th World Martial Arts Union General Meeting, held in Chunju, Korea on Sept. 30, 2010, along with other grandmasters from ove 40 countries..

Seminar of Dojunim Ji Han Jae, Hapkido Founder, In Zagreb, 16-17. April 2010


In Zagreb (Croatia) on April 16-17, 2010 there was Internationam Hapkido Seminar of Do Ju Nim Ji Han Jae, Founder of Hapkido as Martial Art and one of most famoust Korean Grandmasters at all (having in mind all Martial Arts). Ha was accompanied and assisted Grandmaster Kenneth Mackenzie (9th Dan Shin Moo Hapkido), several other Masters from the USA, as weel as Master Perry Zmugg from Austria.

Participants were from Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia. Serbia was reprezented this time by only 4 our representatives from our Hapkikwan International, headed by GM Boris Krivokapic. This was unique opportunity to meet in person a living legend of Martial Arts, to compare techniques and manner of work and to get new Friends.


Do Ju Nim Ji Han Jae (sitting) and GM Boris Krivokapic, Nebojsa Djukic, Dusan Konevic and Andrea Ivanovic.

Report from Zagreb




Although Hapkikwan is primarly Martial Art, not Sport i.e. it is not oriented towards competitions, after invitation from Croatian Hapkido Federation our team participated at the Hapkido Croatia Open held on February 28th 2010 in Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

Among  participants of 16. clubs from 5 states (Bosnia i Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia) our competitors have won 12 medals, 4 of which golden..

First places and gold medals were won by: Jelena Antonijevic (female seniors, sparring -61 kg), Milica Soljaga (kadets, sparring +59 kg), Dusan Konevic (male saniors, kicking under black belt) and Maria Soljaga (kicking, female juniors). Silver was won by: Maria Soljaga (female seniors, sparring -61 kg) and Vladimiru Miladinovic (male seniors, sparring, -84 kg), while bronze medals were won by: Nebojsa Djukic (male saniors, sparring, +84kg), Nikola Mijatov (male seniors, sparring, +84kg), Nebojsa Djukic (seniors, black belts, fall donwns), Nebojsa Djukic (male seniors, speedy breaking), Mlicia Soljaga (female kadets, kicking) and Jelena Antonijevic and Nikola Mijatov (self-defense).

In team contest, our  team was placed on 2nd place (seniors). Kadets also won 2nd place.

Hapkikwan has become a part of World Martial Arts Union (Dec. 7, 2009)

At the General Conference of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU) held in Chungju (South Korea) on December 7-9 2009, Hapkikwan was recognized as Serbian Matial Art and Hapkiwan International was accepted as new member of the Union, which gathers variuos martial arts from some 40 countries.

On Dec. 8, there were lectures and discussion at the Chongju University and on Dec. 9 International Martial Arts Seminar was held in Olimpic Parktel in Seoul. Prof. Krivokapic was given great honor to participate as a member of the panel of the Seminar.

Prof. Boris Krivokapic at WoMAU General Congerence.


Seminar-training in Kladovo (April 17-20, 2009)

On April 17-20 2009. Prof. Krivokapic held a seminar-special training for a part of his students. The event took place in nice town of Kladovo, on Danube river, some 300 km from Belgrade.

Prof. Krivokapic and participants.


Visit of representatives of Korean Embassy to Serbia

On April 7th 2009. our dojang was visited by Mr. Young Kwan Choi, Korean diplomat to Serbia and Dr. Chung Keunjae, professor of Korean language at Belgrade University. They said they were impressed with the work of prof. Krivokapic and his students.

Guests from Korean Embassy and prof. Krivokapic and part of his students.


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