Hapkikwan logo is the two-headed white eagle with spread wings, which in both claws holds sabers, while on the chest has a shield with the sign of Perun, the old Slavic God. The logo has traditional Slavic colours: red, blue and white.




In all traditions eagle is imperial bird, master of the heavens, the symbol of unfettered freedom, courage, pride and a strong character. It is no suprise that many states have ut in their coat of arms. The two-headed eagle is part of the tradition of many Slavic peoples and states. In Hapkikwan two heads among other matters symbolize two key moments of the Art – material (physical) and spiritual (mental).

The heads of the eagle are turned into different directions (to East and West), thus symbolizing openness to positive impacts from all sides, but also a caution.

Sabres, that eagle holds, are oriented in different directions and indicate a willingness to defend himself, when necessary, but also to help others when such help is needed. Sabres are in a protective position, not with force, they are to protect, not to threat or attack others.

On the chest of the eagle is a shield with the circular sign of old Slavic God Perun, the God of thunder and lightning, and also a God of warriors.

In general, the eagle is no threat to anyone, but at the same time is ready to fight if necessary. And to win this fight. Calmly and proudly he observes on both his sides, and below him. Above him there is not need to look, in that direction there is only free space and sky.


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